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Tired of waiting to get paid from Eventbrite?

was built with YOU in mind!

  • NO FEE ticketing app
  • Simple signup and event page setup
  • Get paid instantly for each ticket sold
  • Powerful event management dashboard

Tired of YouTube? For a censor-free experience, c’mon over to

Livestreaming, Video & Music Sharing!

  • FREE to join
  • We pay ASCAP and BMI for you
  • No worries about getting shut down
  • Earn an income from your premiums channels and livestreams



  Event ticketing for smaller venues, events and indie bands!

Get Paid Instantly

Each ticket payment is sent directly to your PayPal account. We don’t hold your funds!

Easy Setup

Sign up with your email address. Set up your event page and start selling tickets in about 2 minutes.

No Service Fees!

We don’t charge a fee to sell or buy tickets!

  also has some NEAT FEATURES…

Your Own Event Page & Event Management

Add your videos, music, etc on your Event page. Manage your Event using our user-friendly dashboard.

Keep in Touch with your Fans

You can generate an email list of everyone who purchased a ticket.

Effortless E-ticket

The E-ticket is auto-issued via email upon payment. Includes all event details.

Upload Videos

Upload videos, music, concerts, vlogs, etc.

Live stream and Earn $$$

Fans can tip you in real time, chat with you, etc. ALL LIVE!

Share your Music

Upload your MP3s to get the word out about your latest music!

Member Channel

FREE content that anyone can access

Partner Channel $

Subscribers pay you a monthly fee to access your Premium content

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 Watch this ‘Event Setup’ demo to start selling tickets in 2 minutes…

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