Here are some helpful tips to setup and manage your event on RockNTix:

1. You must use the Embed code when adding Youtube/Vimeo videos, Soundcloud music, etc to display in the Description. Using links will NOT display the videos or music.

2. Make sure you have entered the accurate number of tickets, price, date, time and location of your event. Also remember to add your poster/pics.

3. Setup your Event Page and start selling tickets in as little as 2 minutes! HERE’S A VIDEO DEMO THAT WALKS YOU THROUGH THE PROCESS OF SETTING UP YOUR EVENT: https://rockntix.com/event-setup-demo/

4. Once a buyer has completed payment through PayPal, the ticket will be automatically issued to them via email. (If they don’t see it in their regular email, have them check their spam/junk folder).

5. You can always check ticket status, buyers, etc in your RockNTix Dashboard by clicking My Event Transactions at the top of the screen.

NOTE: If the ticket hasn’t automatically been ‘Marked as Paid’ in your dashboard and auto-issued to the ticket buyer via email, it means they have not yet completed payment through PayPal. Once they complete payment, the Eticket will be automatically emailed to them.

RockNTix has created a free and nearly effortless way to pre-sell your events online by slashing the cost of ticket service fees.

Event producers pay nothing to list their events and sell tickets. Ticket buyers only pay a small $1 service fee for each ticket purchased, regardless of the price of the ticket. Upon ticket purchase, the proceeds are immediately deposited into your PayPal account. We don’t hold funds and you manage your own ticket sales. Note that normal PayPal fees will apply when you receive payment.

This way you can presell your event more easily and have access to funds prior to your event.

We look forward to having you as a member of the RockNTix family! 

Use the Contact form to send your questions or feedback.  You can also visit our website at RockNTix.com.

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